DC electric motor

Understand the reasons that make DC electric motor a different machine from the other

The DC electric motor is different because of its working principle, because this electric motor allows the electric motor speed ranges from zero to full speed with the possibility that it has a constant torque.

For this electric motor, this feature is important, because that’s the way it is possible to run several applications that allow there is ample speed variation function combining speed accuracy and optimal regulation.


How has a specific system and directed the program that are dedicated, the electric motor of direct current is used because of its own characteristics and this entails an increase in production costs, because this engine is different from the others.

The drive system of the electric motor by DC is a widely used system, it is necessary to have speed when you need to apply the timing between different electric motors.

How does electric motor

The operation of the electric motor still leaves doubt in many professionals. This machine is increasingly popular and showing its efficiency to meet the various segments. Get to know a little more about the functioning understand why this machine is so important.

In order to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy which is the main feature of this machine, there are fundamental and essential parts for this activity. The electric motor uses the principle of electromagnetism to be able to work. Operation is easy to understand, even if the machine seems complex in that sense, but it is a matter of knowing how things work.

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The electric motor has undergone many changes since it was created and why its internal function has also changed. Today we have a machine that is more efficient and economical, and that’s why it’s always good track information and also the developments in this segment that we know.

Appliances with electric motor

When it comes to electric motors are present in the appliances people often scare, this because most do not know of the presence of this machine for the operation of such equipment. Electric motor proved important in this sector and is bringing economy and efficiency of the products.

The implementation of the electric motor in the household has the same function that is doing the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this they were developed specific engines to meet this purpose, especially in a matter of size.

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There are several types of appliances that already make use of this engine. It is also present in other segments, as important as this. It is best to monitor the large growth in the use of these engines. Soon, we will have other uses for it and it shows how it has evolved significantly in recent years, to meet all the various segments that need your function.

Greater lubrication interval

Greater lubrication interval in electric motor generates lower operating costs

The lubrication interval in the electric motor varies depending on the type of assembly of the electric motor can be horizontal, vertical, rated speed, type of grease, bearing size as well as the electric motor operating temperature.

The electric motor of the W22 line was developed to give more lubrication interval due to the reduction in electric motor bearing operating temperature.

The electric motor models line W22 has a range of up to 26% higher when compared to lubricating electric motors line W21 and the result is less intervention for lubrication.


As any intervention on the electric motor depends on having adequate staff and equipment and this means that the lower the maintenance of the electric motor, the lower the total cost of the electric motor operation for the electric motor of the owner.

Fully enclosed electric motor should be resistant to aggressive agents

The totally enclosed electric motor can perform air exchange between its inside with the outside, because even during its electric motor operation suffers from the temperature rise and thus the indoor air is expanded and part of it will come out, through the spaces that are in the passages of cables and clearances.

By having his interrupted operation, the electric motor has a dramatic reduction in temperature and thus the air that is inside will contract and there will be a pressure difference compensation.

Motivated by this electric motor L1509T 7.5HP stops, elements may enter the electric motor and cause deterioration of the internal parts of the electric motor and therefore, the electric motor should be subjected to treatments that are resistant to penetration agents that are considered aggressive.

Electrical Engine Features

There are several electric motor purposes, this is because it can be present in a significant number of end applications. It is very good to have knowledge about this matter so that we can understand the real importance of this machine. Check here for more information about it.


The electric motor’s function is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most people do not know, but the engine is present in a significant number of activities in which we use in our daily lives. A good example would be to accept, but both appliances, as well as the simple lift we use to move around.

The trend is that only grow the amount of end-use of an electric motor, this because it can meet the demand and, at the same time offering effective economy where it is deployed. These two factors were the most motivated the growth of this machine.

Projects with electric motors

You can do several projects with electric motors, that because this engine has an important role and it may be that he can be present in segments. Over time the engine started to be deployed in various segments, its function is very important and he can do what is necessary to more accurately.

Use electric motor is one of the most economical ways of achieving results. The electric motor’s function is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. With this important role this engine can be present in different segments, so that it is proving increasingly important.

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Many are projects that involve the use of electric motors. They have grown significantly in recent years and this has shown to be able to achieve satisfactory results in a much more economical way than most of the machines that perform the same function as the engine.

Synchronous speed of the electric motor is set via the rotational speed of the rotating field

The speed rated synchronous electric motor is only defined by the speed of rotation of the rotating field and it depends directly on the number of electric motor poles and also their frequency in the network which is defined in hertz.

Electric motor acme transformer windings can be created with one or more pairs of poles which are alternately distributed (one is the north pole and one south) along the entire periphery of the magnetic core of the electric motor. The rotating field of the electric motor go a couple of poles of each cycle.

The number of electric motor poles is always an even number, thus it will be always formed a pair of poles. The electric motor that having two poles, the rotating field will make a complete turn in the stator each cycle begins again.